Special Occasion Cakes

Cakes are not just for weddings and birthdays! We also provide cakes for special occasions such as:

  • anniversaries
  • graduations
  • retirement
  • christenings
  • festivals
  • seasons
  • corporate events
  • congratulations
  • baby showers
  • many more!


Cake size

When determining the size of your cake you will need to consider:

  • which type of cake you prefer (fruit cake usually yields more portions per size of tin)
  • number of people coming to the occasion
  • more than one tier to add height?
  • depth of cake (3 inches/7.5cm deep is standard, but often extra deep cakes are required)
  • shape of cake
  • will the cake be served as finger sized portions, or generous wedges?
  • portions of cake to be kept for after the occasion or sent to others

Cake Shape

There are many shapes of cake available, the most popular being round and square. Square cakes provide the most portions per inch size of tin, and hexagons, hearts, teardrops and ovals slightly less than a round cake. Of course, sculpted cakes can also be arranged to any size and shape!

Cake Flavour

We have many options of cake flavours including:

  • vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and raspberry conserve
  • chocolate sponge with ganache and chocolate buttercream filling
  • caramel sponge with layers of Taystful's salt caramel and caramel buttercream filling
  • lemon sponge with double lemon filling
  • moist carrot cake, with walnut, banana, apple, cinnamon layered with cream cheese flavour frosting
  • red velvet cake layered with cream cheese flavour frosting
  • white chocolate cake with ganache and vanilla buttercream
  • traditional rich fruit cake laced with brandy
  • NEW: ultra rich chocolate fudge cake with optional liqueur syrup
  • gluten free* vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and raspberry conserve
  • gluten free* chocolate sponge with rich ganache and chocolate buttercream filling

*NB: gluten free cakes are made with gluten free ingredients, but made on premises which handle gluten.

Other cake flavours or combinations can be arranged by special request.

Cake Colour

Taystful cakes can be made to any colour scheme. It can be matched to your special occasion theme, or to the recipient's favourite!


Decorations mainly take the form of royal iced designs, ribbons, sugarcrafted shapes, flowers or figures, edible lace or cake toppers. A huge range of possibilities can be investigated!

Our Cake Order Form can help you determine your requirements, so please feel free to complete the no obligation form with any ideas or information you have, and start the process of investigating your special occasion cake! As a follow up, we will be in touch with a more in depth form, so we can formulate a more concise design, and let you know an idea of price for your special occasion centrepiece!